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About Us


MUSCLE PUNCH Supplement Pvt Ltd was established by Mr. Ankit Kumar who has completed his MBA in International Marketing Excellence from the University of Belgium, Europe & his tireless quest to provide the Indian populace with the best possible nutritional supplements and wellness products.

Mr. Ankit Kumar who’s been an expert in nutraceutical & pharmaceuticals for more than a decade. With his years of experience & a heartfelt urge to provide Indian consumers a genuine solution for their nutritional needs, he launched the ”Muscle Punch” range of Sports Nutrition Supplements.

Through the Muscle Punch range of nutritional supplements, the aim has been to give top-quality, premium level, value for money products to the Indian consumers that can actually help them achieve their fitness goals. At Muscle Punch, we ensure at every step of the process that you receive the most effective, beneficial, and genuine product possible.

About Us: About

Why Muscle Punch?

Muscle Punch, an Indian sports nutrition brand, offers a great range of high-quality products like Proteins, Amino-Acids, weight gainers, probiotics, and countless other health-benefiting supplements including gluten-free products as well. The sole purpose of Muscle Punch fitness supplements is to provide the Indian genotype with a fitting nutritional range of products to meet its specific requirements when it comes to muscle building, gaining, stamina boosting, endurance, and recovering. We’ve tie-up with a reputed R & D and Manufacturing Unit. We’ve created an innovative product pipeline backed by advanced research and development where we use different systems of biotechnologies like Nanotechnology, fermentation technology, and nutraceuticals to give birth to the best, pure nutritional supplements for optimum results. Our state of the art production facilities and sophisticated testing measures have resulted in delivering products with a promise of purity and the highest standards. Our tied up manufacturing facility is the US FDA (Food & Drug Administration) registered. 

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